The Mission

With Vidyadaan, our mission is to bring out a Guru in every one who can lead the way to create a polished era. A generation polished with inner strength, knowledge, self-confidence yet unpretentious. So every Shishya now can be a Guru in future and lead the upcoming generations.

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The Vision

To provide knowledge of every kind to the shishya and creating a generation of experts. Not just in academics but every field of life; by sharing life changing experiences, spreading motivation across and passing on positivity to every individual.

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Our Faith

We have faith in humanity and we strongly believe that sharing is caring. When we share with the society; we show tremendous care and love for the society. When society will start sharing the knowledge consequently the values will be shared and next generation will learn the pleasure of being generous.

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About Vidyadaan

Since eternities daan has its own relevance in our Indian culture. Be it a daan of food, shelter, physical help or anything. In India, every religion, every custom, every segment believes in daan. When you give food to hungry, it satisfies its hunger, when you give shelter to a homeless; it gives him warmth for a night or two, when you give physical help daan to a person; you are helping him finish the task. But; when someone gives Vidyadaan (Knowledge sharing), you are changing the person’s life not just in terms of standard of living but the art of living is changed. Everyone know how Gautam Budha’s vidhyadaan to a dacoit Angulimar changed his life and a dacoit emerged as Swami Valmiki who wrote Ramayana.

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Benefits of Vidyadaan

  • Help create a pool of experts
  • Enhance efficiency & effectiveness at an individual level
  • Raise the motivational level
  • Life changing experience sharing
  • Make you learn from other’s mistakes
  • Hands-on training by professionals
  • Workshops by industry experts
  • Completely free of cost
Who We Are?

Vidyadaan is an initiative by MESC Chairman Mr. Subhash Ghai. Mr. Ghai is known as a showman of Indian cinema. MESC was founded in 2012, (MESC) is a Not-for-Profit Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


Shisya registered


Gurus Registered


Gurukuls Registered

Contribute as a Shishya

Come and join the league to be a leader. Learn from the experts in their fields and acquire their knowledge. All you have to do is register and locate the nearest Vidyadaan center. Once you login to the portal, kindly choose the subject or get free consultation with our expert counsellors and you are ready to rock. Accept the Vidhyadaan and once you are an expert be our Vidyadaani and share your experience.

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Contribute as Guru

You are a privileged one as you own the great asset of knowledge which is irreplaceable. Be a vidyadaani and share your experience. Your experience and guidance can change someone’s life and create a professional in them. You may choose your flexible timings and easily accessible location. You can be a Vidyadaani and change the lives of many and help building the nation stronger.

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Contribute as Gurukul

In ancient times the Gurukuls were no less than pilgrimage. Vidyalyas are no less than a trip to heaven for the ones who understand the value of Vidya. Be a part of the league and create an aura of Gurukuls in your institutions by being a Vidyadanni institution. You may offer the space for classes, or provide the study material or your trainers at the flexible timings or days of the week etc. You can be an integral part of someone’s journey to a certified professional. So don’t wait! Create history in the field of education and be an expert Vidyadaani Gurukul.

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Be a part of Vidyadaan?

Be a part of Vidyadaan?

Let’s change the vision of society and bring in the culture of Guru Shishya again! A small step of yours will bring a drastic change in the society and enhance the Indian culture. Come be a part of Vidyadaan and contribute to the society.

Join us

Register now as a shisya, Guru or Gurukul and be our partner.

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Spread the word

Share the information about us so others may get benefit.

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Contact us

Any query? Get it resolved within 24-48 hours.

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MESC Governing Council Members

Gurus from Media & Entertainment Industry

Wiz Sabbas Joseph

Secretary - MESC, Director - Wizcraft Ent. International Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Manvendra Shukul

Treasurer - MESC, Ceo, Lakshya Digital

Mr. Dilip Chenoy

Secretary General, Ficci

Mr. Terence Lewis

Indian Dancer & Choreographer

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