Support and encouragement are the integral parts of any system. Vidydaan needs your constant support to bring the best out of our society and nurture in an enhanced manner. Lending a hand to vidyadaan will show your faith in the vision and mission of Vidyadaan. Together we all can bring the ancient era of happiness and contentment back. There are innumerable ways you can support us:

Spreading the Word

You can create a meaningful impact of create a difference by spreading the word and creating awareness about Vidyadaan on various platforms. You may post activities and events on social media to reach the most people. It’s an easy yet effective way to show your support. You can also promote Vidyadaan by sharing the information about Vidyadaan in person to make it more personal. During social gatherings or events you may share the stories about Vidyadaan to excite others about Vidyadaan.


It’s an opportunity for you to donate for the betterment of society with Vidyadaan. Daan has its relevance whether it’s quantitative or qualitative. Donate and help us raise the standard of living for people across the country as Vidyadaan aims to provide holistic and relevant education to people and making them capable of working to support betterment of their family, their surroundings; in turn the society.

Donate Now

Fund Raising

Funds are essential for any campaign’s survival. You can help raise funds for the self-sustainability and strengthen Vidyadaan. Nothing shows that you care more than dedicating an occasion to vidyadaan: where you may ask your friends and relatives to donate for vidyadaan instead of gift or announce about vidyadaan during the event. You may organise some fun activities and raise the funds. We wish for your support and recreate the guru-shishya culture.

Working for Vidyadaan

You may volunteer your time and skills to Vidyadaan. You may offer professional support and dedicate some time to educate Shishya. There is no bigger daan than spending your time as time is the most precious gem. We also accept professional/technical support to enhance the vidyadaan portal or any technical amendments or improvements you may guide.