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The Legends Says

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


In ancient times the Gurukuls were no less than pilgrimage. Vidhyalyas are no less than a trip to heaven for the ones who understand the value of Vidya/Education/Knowledge/Wisdom.

Be a part of the league and create an aura of Gurukuls in your institutions by being a Vidyadanni institution. You may offer a section of space for physical classes or online sessions for shishyas. You may also provide the study material or your trainers (as guru) at the flexible timings or days of the week as per the availability. You can be an integral part of someone’s journey from a no one to a certified professional and future vidyadaani.

Gurukul may willingly offer the study material or stationary if they may wish.

Contribute in the benefit of society!

Academies, institutions, schools, colleges & universities may register as a Gurukul for Vidyadaan. You can have your students added as Shishya’s so they can get knowledge from other gurus as well. You can offer a section or the entire institution as Vidyadaan center for minimum 2 hours a week. Where Gurus may visit and conduct the sessions or Shishya’s may attend the webinar sessions. The sessions at gurukul may be of academic knowledge, health improvement skills, behavioral classes, sessions for mental or physical health etc.

Who can be Gurukul?

Join the league and help the next generation to grow and strenthn the ecosystem. You can serve the community if you are:

  • Academic institution
  • School (Private & Govt.)
  • College (Private & Govt.)
  • University (Private & Govt.)
  • NGO
  • Coaching center
Benefits to the Gurukul
  • Appreciation certificates by Mr. Subhash Ghai
  • Affiliation as Vidyadaani Gurukul
  • Workshops by experts
  • Webinars by experts
  • Visibility to Shishyas and Gurus
  • Advertisements with Vidyadaan
  • Media courtesy for expert sessions
  • Video bytes by experts

Please note that Vidyadaan can be a “daan or charity” or sharing of academic knowledge, health improvement skills, behavioral classes, sessions for mental or physical health etc. So don’t wait! Create history in the field of education and be an expert Vidyadaani Gurukul.